It’s a dead pool. And we’re all on it. 

Now this is fascinating, I’ve never seen this before. The only thing stronger than your craving for blood, is your love for this one girl.


one of the world’s greatest mysteries still remains how elena gilbert fell in love with damon salvatore, how elena gilbert chose to end her life that so many died to protect for her rapist boyfriend that murders her friends and looks the otherway when her brother is about to be killed, with her emotionally manipulative boyfriend that can’t even look her in the eye when she doesn’t take her clothes off for him.

it must be DEstiny!!! true love prevails universe be damned


Does anyone ever wonder what would have become of Elena’s transition into a vampire if the sire bond hadn’t been a factor?

Elena couldn’t drink blood unless it was straight from the vein because Damon told her she couldn’t. Elena also killed Connor, the vampire hunter, because Damon told her too….

The way she acts, it feels like she’s still sired to Damon…


you know what pains me

when stefan found out about elena sleeping with damon he was actually shocked even though they broke up because of her feelings for damon he thought it’s too soon and that she would never do it so soon not elena not his elena and their whole break up wasn’t real to him and he probably thought they can patch things up 

and that’s what hurts

even when it was over he never really thought it’s over